Job Seeker / Student Consultation

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This basic review is available for $35 and includes a review of information you currently have and your current situation.  This review usually takes less than an hour, with the average lasting about 30 minutes.   

Results from this consultation will provide you with recommendations of where you may be running into problems in the hiring process and recommendations of how to proceed.   Additional background check services may be recommended at an additional fee.

Employer Consultation


Employer:  Basic Review of Current Background Check Processing with Recommendations $35

As an employer, it is important to periodically review your background check processing for new or current employees.   Are you getting everything you should get, and need, in the hiring process?

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

All Other Services

Except for the basic services above, all other services would need to be discussed and personalized to meet state specific laws and access.  Please use the About Us page to contact us for a phone consultation of your needs.