Job Seekers/Students Background Check Review

We offer Job seekers, who need their background check reviewed, recommendations of how to address issues in their history in reducing their impact through correcting records, expungement, bonding, or how to answer questions on the job application about them.  In most cases,  we  can pull facets of your background or will help you to do it yourself.  This includes reviewing our review  and recommendations on the background check and looking at it exactly as a hiring manager would do.

Check List: Before you leave a current job If you are going to be leaving a job, there are things you need to know to prepare before your final day.

Here are some of the suggestions we make to our clients:

NOTE:  Be sure you use caution in knowing who you can trust.  Some of the suggestions below may expose you to adverse actions by the company if you reveal your desires to the wrong person and you are not ready to leave.

• Ask co-workers and supervisors if they will give you their personal phone number of email address so you can stay in touch. 

• Ask them if they would be a reference for you – if not officially in connection with the company - then personally with their experience working with you.

• After your exit interview or around about your last day, ask for a copy of your personnel file.  It should include your performance reviews, attendance records, and any awards, promotions, etc.  If it contains any negative information, such as discipline, please contact us in helping to address it.   

• Get contact information for any benefit plans you have such as health insurance, dental, life, and long-term care policies.  Find out if you are eligible for any extended benefits and for how long. 

• Any 401K’s or other retirement plans that you have through them?  Ask them for the options you have regarding moving the money or cashing it in.

• Ask the company what their policy is for giving references, who you should have a new employer contact, and if they would give you a letter of recommendation.

If you were fired or left on bad terms.  Contact us and we can help you to resolve some of the hurdles that creates.

***Disclaimer:  I am not an attorney and none of what is presented or offered should be construed as legal advice or is it presented as such.

Resume Review and Consultation

Working with hundreds of human resources professionals over the years, we can provide insights that most 

resume services cannot.

Here are some basic pointers we help you with:

• Targeting the resume to the advertisement you are applying to helps employers see right away that you are who they want.  This can be done within your resume by tweaking it to gear it towards what they are looking for, not just hoping they will see your potential in what you give them.

• Eliminating long sentences and paragraphs by bullet pointing key experience and traits.

• Helping you choose a format that best fits your situation.  If you have been working jobs that is not your career simply to get buy we can help you properly frame that.  If you have been working jobs that are lower than your current education and future career, we can help you develop your resume to eliminate the mundane jobs that frame you for who you were – into a resume that emphasis what you are bringing to the future.

You will also get a pep talk and encouragement.  If you would like career consultation, we can provide that as well.