For the Pubic

Individual Background Check

We can offer you a professional background check on yourself or someone else, with limitations.  


We can pull a criminal history for you just as we do for an employer (as allowed by law by state).  

Do you have  someone you are considering doing business with and you need to know who they are?  

Are you considering, or are in, a close relationship with someone where there are red flags in your heart?  

Anyone you let into your home should be background checked.  Ask a company you are doing business with what kind of background check they are doing.  Usually it is the bare minimum just to say they ran one.

Considering trusting a doctor or other professional?  We can check their professional record beyond just 'opinions' from others.


Locating Services




If you need to locate someone for personal or business reasons, we use all legal means possible to locate them.  We use paper trails and proven, professional interview techniques with individuals located in those paper trails to find them.  If they are trying not to be found and avoiding leaving paper trails then  they may be successful.  However, in you can provide enough information to narrow down the search, that may open up many more possibilities for us to dig deep to find them.

Due to stalking laws, if we do find them for you, we will contact them and let them know you are searching for them and give them your contact information.  We cannot, without a direct request from an attorney, or court order, give you their contact information.