Employee Search

Find Employees for a low flat fee far below employment agency fees

After we conduct an interview with the you (the employer) as to what you are looking for, we review the job description, then we:

Provide you with a spreadsheet detailing the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) that we believe will be needed to meet the job description and your assessment of what you are looking for. 

You will review the spreadsheet and provide us with the weight of each of those KSAs as to their importance for the candidate to have to meet your expectations.

We develop a Self Assessment from that spreadsheet that candidates will complete on themselves to help us gauge if their level of KSAs match with the weight you placed on each trait.

We will write up the ad and, after your approval, will post the ad per your preferences of where you want it posted.

We review all resumes that come directly to us.

We send thank you notes to all who applied and to those who are qualified candidates, we send them the Self Assessment to complete on themselves.  We choose those who are qualified according to your requirements and proceed with them in the next phase.

We conduct a phone interview with them asking proven assessment questions and use our experience and professional interview skills to discern who are the best candidates.

We then choose the top 3 candidates and provide our assessment and their resume to you for a personal interview.   We can facilitate setting up those interviews for you or you can contact them directly.

The candidate you choose will then go under a professional background investigation.  If for any reason they fall short in that area, we will either begin the process again or ask if either of the remaining 2 will be suitable and conduct the same on them.

Fees range (plus any advertising costs) depending on the type of job and size of the candidate pool that job would present from which to choose.  The process typically takes 2-3 weeks.